our services

We provide a comprehensive service for medium and large businesses and for individuals with a certain level of economic complexity (asset volume and/or volume of income).

We work with our clients in a highly individual way and with a tailored approach, and every client is assigned its own specific team of professionals, who always deal with the client from then on. This means we can provide more direct and efficient services, as well as establishing a much closer relationship with our clients.

Within our specialist fields (taxation and certain corporate aspects of law), at both the national and international level, we cover all aspects of each particular issue, such as:

A.- Foreign individual wishing to reside in Spain with businesses or assets located abroad

B.- Foreigners investing in assets located in Spain, with regard both to recreational purposes (chalets, country estates, etc.) and to business (creating companies in Spain, buying properties to obtain a profit and/or dividend, and particularly the leasing of holiday homes)

C.- Families with inheritance problems (will and testament planning, processing inheritance and gifts, etc.)

D.- Dissolution of companies, international transfer of domicile, creating international structures, etc., always in full compliance with the law in Spain and in all the countries involved.

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