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Professionals: We have a team of legal professionals (lawyers), as well as professionals from the economic sector (economists and graduates in business administration and management), all of whom are experts in the field of taxes.
We have three levels of professionals: senior professionals (7), junior professionals (10) and accounting experts (7).
Training: The continuous training of our team is an essential part of our philosophy as a company, which is why we spend an hour every day on training in the various areas of specialisation. We also have an extensive external training plan, which involves attending national and international conferences on the issues for which we provide our services. This is one of the key factors in the motivation of our staff.
Human relations: We don’t neglect the necessary integration of our team within the company, and between the various components of it. That’s why we fund a range of events and trips for our staff.
Languages: Our team can deal with clients in Catalan, Spanish, French, English, German, Swedish, Russian and Italian.



Joan Cerdá

Senior Management

Joan Cerda & Associats

Caty Ferrer

Consultant Management Team

Joan Cerda & Associats

Mª Angeles Mesas

rosa espinosa

Joan Cerda & Associats

maribel costa

franz brauer

Joan Cerda & Associats

aina colom

Joan Cerda & Associats

marina calero

Maribel Costa Team

marina vanrell

ester garau

katherine panoso

Rosa Espinosa Team

Mª cristina ramon

yuli cobo

Mª Angeles gonzalez

Franz Brauer Team


julio velasco

gabriel estarellas

mª antonia jaume

emilio ramia

courtney monika crespi


Aina Colom Team

gemma rodo

evelyn martinez

erika de los reyes

Technical-Fiscal Department


angel carbonell

Commercial-Administrative Department


laura roca

gabriela aguilo

Technical-Legal Department


marina calero


Internal Management

catalina vidal

sandra dumitru

gabriel mayans

Jesús nº 18 3º , 07003 Palma de Mallorca

+34 971 76 42 42